Grand National Waterfowl Association

Waterfowl Hunt Dorchester County MarylandThe Grand National is a non-profit Dorchester County Maryland organization founded in 1982 by a group of local men and women dedicated to promoting sound conservation practice compatible with business interest on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Starting in 1984, the fledging organization spearheaded a privately funded "band and release" free flying duck project that now exceeds the one and one half million-bird mark.

Conservation on the Eastern Shore of MarylandRecognized worldwide as a major player in the field of conservation, the Grand National continues to provide funding for ornithology research and redevelopment of wetland habitat on both public and private land.

2014 marks the 32nd anniversary of the Grand National.

The Grand National Waterfowl Association underwrites a college scholarship program, the Educational Trust.  The scholarships are awarded annually to students pursuing a career in a natural science.

Since its initiation in 1987, the scholarship roster includes high school graduates seeking an advance education in forestry, marine biology, veterinary medicine, agricultural science and conservation management.

"Investments in today's youth will guarantee thoughtful management of tomorrow’s resources."